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SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology

SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology

With 3SHAPE digital intra-oral scanner, we can help improve your smile more conveniently than ever before!

3SHAPE is a state-of-the-art optical scanner that directly capture your teeth and creates very precise digital impression. Then these digital impressions will be sent to our dental lab. The technician use computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to offer same-day restoration for you. This is a revolution technology, future of ceramic restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers.

SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology

There is no longer a many-days wait between your first and final appointments for dental crowns. With 3SHAPE intra-oral scanner and CAD/CAM technology, we will create your restoration in only one day. These restorations are metal-free and tooth colored, restoring your tooth to its natural beauty, strength and function. With digital technology, these ceramic restorations are all finish in one single day at FAR EAST DENTAL.

SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology



Let’s explore the incredible technology that makes this possible: 3SHAPE intra-oral scanner, CAD software, CAM machine and the process.

Step one: Exam and preparation

Before you start, our dentists will do oral examination to determine if same-day restoration is right for you. After we determine the best approach for you, we will do preparation on your tooth.

Step two: Digital Impression

After your tooth has been prepared, dentist will take a 3D optical impression by 3SHAPE intra-oral scanner. With this most precise digital way, there is no need for a time-consuming, uncomfortable traditional impression mold.

SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology

SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology

Intra-oral scanning with 3SHAPE at FAR EAST DENTAL CLINIC

The 3SHAPE software on the computer convert the digital scan into a virtual model of your teeth.

Step three: Milling

The virtual model will be sent to our dental in a mouse click. Then technician will use 3SHAPE Dental System software to design the crowns.

SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology

3SHAPE DENTAL SYSTEM design software

After designing, technician uses a milling device to carve your customized crown out of a block of ceramic. Dentist and technician will choose this block based on the original color of your tooth and the surrounding teeth, so it will match your smile perfectly.

SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology

Dental milling machine in work

Step four: Placement

When the milling unit finished its work, dentist will place it on your tooth to make sure it fits properly. And then, it will be bonded onto your tooth and polished to brilliance, giving you a new healthy smile in a fraction of the time traditional methods take.

That’s is. With our same-day services, you won’t need several waiting days to finish your crowns. We know your time is valuable and we don’t want you to have to miss more than a day of work for dental restorations. And these restoration is metal-free, long lasting and highly aesthetic.

SAME-DAY crowns with digital technology

All ceramic crowns within one day with FAR EAST DENTAL today

FAR EAST DENTAL was one of the first clinic in Viet Nam incorporated digital technology into daily dental treatment. Our years of experience will ensure that your new crowns look and feel just like natural tooth.

Schedule your appointment today with FAR EAST DENTAL and experience the digital advantages for yourself!

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