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We want to maintain high standards in everything we do at Far East Dental. So as well as having a world-class, customer-focused team we insist on the highest quality in our daily procedures and practices, too.

It is very rare for a dental practice in our country which has the quality management system matches the ISO 9001 standards. However, Far East Dental has now held this prestigious accreditation since 2002 and we find that its rigorous and demanding standards suit our genuine concern for giving our patients the best possible service and care.

ISO 9001 helps us maintain absolute consistency in service and staff training. For example, we keep accurate, constantly updated records which are securely stored online with digital imaging to support and improve diagnosis, treatment and patient monitoring. Our systems also ensure that routine procedures (such as patient communications, appointments, room allocations and first-class maintenance of our treatment rooms and equipment) all run smoothly and efficiently.

We take pride in offering exceptional quality in everything we do – and we strive to improve every day!