Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening
Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic restoration of the natural tooth color or to lighten the existing shade of your teeth. There are several methods of whitening your teeth including whitening toothpaste, whitening strips and trays, non-vital bleaching for root canal treated teeth and in-office whitening. The most common and most effective method for achieving instant whitening result is the in-office teeth whitening treatment. It only requires a single session to see a noticeable change in the shade of your teeth, as compared with other methods.

Common causes of teeth discoloration
A number of factors may affect the appearance and shade of your teeth. Teeth discoloration can be largely categorised into external and internal discolouration. External staining are generally caused by tobacco, wine and tea and coffee, plaque and tartar. In such cases it is imperative that scaling and polishing be performed first before teeth whitening.

While addressing the issue of external staining may improve the appearance and shade of your teeth, the underlying natural teeth shade can be whitened effectively by a professional dentist. Some common causes for internal discolouration include dental decay, trauma to the tooth, discoloured dental fillings, medication-related discolouration and fluorosis.

In cases of active decay, the dentist will recommend having the decay fixed prior to the start of teeth whitening. For teeth with discoloured fillings or crowns, the teeth whitening treatment only whitens the natural tooth. Thus the filling may need to be changed out after the end of the teeth whitening treatment.

Safe and effective whitening
Prior to whitening your dentist will examine the state of your oral condition and determine the best course of teeth whitening treatment for you. Not everyone will experience the same results and the teeth whitening effects may also vary from tooth to tooth.

The examination may include x-rays and running through a comprehensive list of allergies and sensitivities. External stains and plaque should be removed through a general scaling and polish to achieve the best teeth whitening results. This is to restore the underlying natural tooth shade caused by external stains and to improve contact with the whitening gel.

LED light activated remains the most convenient and the best teeth whitening solution done in the dental office. The teeth whitening session is aimed to lighten up your tooth colour shade in the quickest time and reasonably priced at $US 190 – $US 210 for the one session. You may require several sessions according to the extent of the discoloration of your teeth.

Some common side effects include varying degrees of tooth and gum sensitivity. At Far East Dental, we minimise the levels of pain, discomfort and sensitivity through a series of tested protocol. We have measures put in place to ensure that you get the best teeth whitening experience that is safe and effective. Our fast and effective whitening session takes just under 60 minutes. Prolonged sensitivity and discomfort is uncommon with our teeth whitening treatment.

Certain existing conditions may limit the results of your teeth whitening such a root exposure, gum recession and fluorosis (white spots). Adjunctive treatment such as clear aligners or cosmetic veneers can be carried out to complement the effects of teeth whitening to help you achieve the ideal set of teeth.

Things to take note before, after and when having whitening treatment
While the effects of whitening can be expected to last several months depending on your diet and lifestyle, avoiding or minimising certain food and drinks consumption such as tea, coffee and tobacco can result in a longer lasting whiteness. To maintain your set of whitened teeth, a good oral hygiene regime is necessary as well as a routine 6 monthly scaling and polish.

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