Routine Checkup

Dental Check-up and Cleaning
It is important to come for regular check-up and cleaning appointments with your dentist. Even if you brush and floss regularly and with the proper technique, bacteria and plaque can still lurk in places you cannot see with your naked eye. We recommend a visit every 6 months.

Benefits of Dental Check-up and Cleaning
1. Scaling
Scaling gets rid of plaque, tartar and bacterial toxins on the teeth. This helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy, preventing gum disease and bad breath. If you are experiencing bleeding gums, you may have an early stage of gum disease and may be required to do a more intensive gum treatment called root planing.

2. Polishing
Polishing is usually performed after scaling to eliminate stains caused by coffee, tea or red wine. Normally, your dentist will use a soft rubber cup together with a mildly gritty paste to polish your teeth. Sometimes, a prophyjet may be used. This instrument will blast a spray of powder on your teeth to remove more stubborn stains. Polishing will leave your pearlywhites smooth and clean.

2. Preventive Treatments
At Far East Dental, we offer dental preventive treatments to maintain and improve your oral health. Our preventive treatments include fluoride treatments and fissure sealants, both aimed at protecting your teeth and preventing tooth decay.
– Fluoride Treatment
Fluoride treatments are commonly administered after thorough teeth cleanings, such asscaling and polishing. Our dental professionals apply a high concentration of fluoride gel or foam to your teeth to prevent tooth decay and enhance overall dental health. Topical fluoride treatments can also help remineralize small imperfections in tooth enamel and reduce root hypersensitivity, such as cold sensitivity or sensitivity during dental cleanings, which may be common with gum recession. Our fluoride treatments, including fluoride varnish, are available for both adults and children.
– Fissure Sealants
Fissure sealants are a well-known preventive treatment for long-lasting protection. Dental fissure sealants involve placing a clear plastic resin onto the pits and surfaces of your teeth, forming a physical barrier to prevent tooth decay and bacteria from entering the fissures. By creating a thin, durable covering over the pits and fissures, sealants help prevent plaque and food residue buildup, decreasing the risk of tooth decay. This is especially important for the back teeth, which are difficult to clean thoroughly with a toothbrush. Fissure sealants help prevent cavities from forming in these hard-to-reach areas, ultimately safeguarding against tooth decay and oral problems.

Please note that the price of our services may vary based on the complexity and conditions of each individual case. Choose Far East Dental for your dental preventive treatments and take a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy smile.

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