Smile Makover

Why do I need a smile makeover?
A naturally beautiful set of teeth sets a pleasing countenance to the face. Surveys show that an aesthetic smile is associated with improved self-confidence, better quality of life and socioeconomic opportunity. Conversely discoloured and crooked teeth can be unaesthetic and most commonly affects one’s lifestyle subconsciously such as avoiding social events or the unwillingness to smile. If you feel awkward or unhappy with the shape, colour and position of your teeth or even perhaps missing teeth, our smile makeover program can help you achieve a fulfilling youthful smile.

What conditions can be treated?
Smile makeover can address and fix any of the following conditions:
•Discoloured teeth
•Unsightly or malformed teeth
•Crooked teeth
•Teeth that are disproportionate
•Missing teeth
•Gummy smile

How is the process like?
Give yourself the smile you wanted in 2 sessions. The end result is to beautify your smile such that each tooth is harmonious looking within the dentition and encompasses a vibrant radiant sparkle. Generally porcelain ceramic and composite resin are the material of choice to achieve the aesthetic result. As each smile is unique, up to 4 sessions may be required when there exists
several unaesthetic conditions and complexities.

The results are long lasting and permanent. Unlike teeth whitening, no regular maintenance is required for retaining the colour and shade of the makeover teeth. Moreover the teeth surface are very smooth, making it highly stain resistant.

Orthodontic treatment such as braces or clear aligners are also not required. Smile makeover can create straight and beautiful teeth in a shorter time as compared to traditional braces which generally takes years.

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